First Contact

Living on the edge of a giant, remote salt lake, a father and daughter eke out a frugal existence in self-imposed exile. Their calm yet monotonous world is shattered with the discovery of a mysterious stranger.
On the verge of death, the mans’ arrival throws them into conflict, stirring up fears and forcing them to confront the very things they’ve been hiding from. FIRST CONTACT not only tells a story of family but also raises questions to do with the fear of change and Australia’s attitudes of race, origin and immigration. Short drama, winner of eight awards, screened competitively at 30 festivals in 16 countries.

Matt Richards

Matt Richards

Brendan Guerin, Matt Richards

Production Company
Four Anchor Island
Victorian College of the Arts School of Film and Television

Olaf Savage, Isabel Macmaster,
Ian Harry

Guerin Group Films © 2011

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