Kangaroo Island


KANGAROO ISLAND is the story of a young American traveller who gets trapped on a remote Australian sheep station.

Inspired by a true story, the film builds into a gripping, dramatic psychological thriller.

After working as a chef in Melbourne, Anna decides to extend her stay using an 88 Day Rural Work Visa with a view to gain a genuine Aussie farm experience.

She finds a job online as a shearer’s cook and general hand on Kangaroo Island.

After a rough & windy ferry ride, Anna meets her new boss, Clayton Murray, who runs a thriving property that’s been in his family for generations.

A charming guy, Clay’s rough around the edges, but makes every effort to ensure Anna feels welcome.

She soon learns she’s the only worker living in the farmhouse with little connection to the outside world.

Clay’s been living alone since the passing of his parents, his brother left for the city and the tragic loss of his wife a few years earlier. Clay’s stuck it out – despite these setbacks – and Anna admires his grit and determination.

In fact, she carries a heavy guilt for her own care-free college days when she neglected her dying mother – so resolves to tough out the isolation, long hours and physical demands of the shearing season.

Once committed, she picks up the cooking and farm chores quickly and finds friendship in the head shearer Mal Parkin.

However, she grows wary of Clay, especially when he drinks and she’s on the receiving end of his unwanted advances, jealousy and erratic behaviour.

Stuck in the past, Clay feels threatened by Anna’s growing competence on the farm, especially when she outright rejects his romantic approaches.

At 35, Clay is a fading local football star, the last of a farming family who is now deteriorating into a self-destructive binge drinker.

When Clay goes on a drunken two-day bender, Anna is forced to take-over the mustering to keep the shearing team working.

Instead of showing gratitude, it’s the final straw for Clay’s wounded ego and he becomes violent and physically threatening.

As Anna plans her escape, she uncovers the dark truth about Clay’s past, she keeps this to herself.

But when Clay realises she has discovered his secret, her last night on the farm becomes a desperate fight for her life.

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